Blue Eyes (A Twilight Tale) 3&4-Ifeoma Okeke

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Chapter 3

The Realisation

Drew’s POV

Damn, being that hot must be illegal somewhere.

I heard someone clear their throat and I turned to meet Emily’s eyes, “Dinners on the table,” she said nervously.

Huh, I didn’t even notice her putting the food on the table. Wonder why? I turned back to look at Paul but he was having an intense staring contest with Sam. And kiss! My fingers were itching to slam their faces together and make them kiss, that would definitely brighten my night.

“Bromance,” I muttered under my breath.

I must have said it louder than I thought because half the room all turned quickly to look at them. As if on cue they all started laughing at the same time, startling Paul and Sam.

“What?” Sam demanded.

“Nothing, Dinners on the table,” I said innocently before walking over to sit by Seth.

Seth gave me a large smile as he elbowed me lightly in the ribs. I could have sworn I had heard a growl but when I turned I just saw Paul and Sam still talking. Shrugging I turned back and grabbed some food, piling it on my plate before digging in.

Paul never joined us.

“No, no, no did not happen!” I argued as my sister snorted with laughter.

“Did too! She was about to go into a triple flip when the back of her leotard ripped!” Karla shrieked while laughing so hard she looked demented. In my opinion at least.

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Everyone joined Karla in her laughing as I sat on the couch with my arms crossed and a pout on my lips. Seth caught my face but it only made him laugh harder. I looked outside the window and saw Jake, Paul and Sam eating some dinner while sitting on a small wooden bench outside. I frowned.

“Why are they outside?” I asked the group once the laughter died down a little.

Embry’s eye flicked outside, “Something about school or a car, I think,” he said quickly.

I shrugged before glaring at Karla, “time to go home now, before the bloody baby pictures come out,” I said sarcastically.

Karla’s eye lit up and she opened her mouth but I held up my hand, “Don’t even think about it! You. Car. Now” I said whacking the back of her head.

She pouted but stood up anyway, “can I at least get hugs?” she asked.

I tried to hold back the gag and luckily I succeed until she turned her back to give Quil a hug. Quil started smiling at me as Karla pulled away.

“Do I get a hug?” Quil said shocked.

I chuckled before nodding and wrapping my arms around his wide shoulders and giving him a squeeze. I took my arms back and saw Karla walking outside.

“Ah what is she doing?” I asked trailing my finger after her as she walked.

I heard Emily speak up from the kitchen, “Sam has to give you guys a ride home,” she yelled.

I nodded as I walked into the kitchen, “Whoa! Emily can you handle all this?” I said looking shocked at the mess she called a kitchen.

She gave me a sheepish look, “yeah, I’m fine,” she said before starting to fill up the sink.

I shook my head, “I’m helping,” I said, she opened her mouth to argue, “no buts Emily, Sam or one of the boys can give me a ride home later,” I said before placing some things back into her fridge.

She gave me a thankful look before squirting some dishwashing liquid into the filling sink, “Thank you Drew, might have to have you over for dinner more often,” she said.

Karle entered the room with Sam behind her, “yes we should, I have never had such awesome cooking!” she yelled happily, “Come on Drew, let’s go,” she said waving her hands

I shook my head, “I’ll get a ride back later, I’m going to help Emily tidy up,” I said to her as I piled some plates.

Karla nodded, “fine,” she snapped before walking out.

I widened my eyes after her and didn’t look at Emily until we could hear the car leave the drive way. We shared a look before cracking up laughing and clutching our stomachs. Jake ran in and gave us a look of confusion.

“Jealousy,” Emily breathed out between laughs.

“What’s going on?” we heard Seth yell from the sitting room.

Jake had one eyebrow raised and was giving us a look, “I have no idea,” he called back.

I glared at him playfully before looking over to Emily, “should I wash while you put things away? Then we can both dry?” I offered as I looked at the spices in my hand while looking lost.

Emily nodded, “good idea,” she said her face sobering up.

Jake looked even more confused at how quickly we stopped laughing, but he didn’t question it and just walked back to the rest of the boys.

Emily and I worked in silence for a while before she spoke up, “Tell me about yourself?” she said while sending me a smile.

I shrugged, “not much to tell,” I said dismissively, reaching over for another plate.

She gave me a look, “must be, what’s this about your leotard ripping?” she asked nudging me gently.

I giggled and shook my head playfully, “I suppose I can tell you that,” I said before giving her a wicked grin, “I’m a gymnast,” I said proudly.

She smiled brightly, “now that is awesome,” she said bluntly.

I laughed loudly, “thanks’ Emily,” I said.

She chuckled, “Claire will love you,” she stated.

I frowned, “Claire?” I asked.

She nodded, “my niece,” she said fondly.

I smiled, “what makes you think she’ll love me?” I asked, truly curious.

She smiled softly, “you have a gift no one else does,” she said.

I stiffened and looked over to her in shock, “W-what?” I asked terrified she had found out.

Emily stared at me curiously, “no one here has ever done gymnastics, Claire loves learning new things,” she said slowly, watching me.

I nodded and swallowed nervously, “oh, well I love to teach,” I said laughing hesitantly.

Emily nodded, “Anyway your sister huh? Real character,” she said with a small smile.

I just gave her a look, “no shit,” I muttered under my breath.

Emily looked around dramatically before leaning over, “I think Karla has a thing for Paul,” she said before winking.

I was shocked when I felt a flare of anger course through me, “what makes you think that?” I asked, gritting my teeth slightly.

Emily giggled, “she was all over him before, you should have seen the glare she was giving you when Paul went all googly eyed at you,” she said with a bright smile.

“Googly eyed?” I echoed.

Emily raised her eyebrows suggestively, before winking and laughing as I splashed water at her. We chatted happily as we cleaned; not noticing that our workload was thinning and soon we were done. Nonetheless I sat down at her counter and continued to talk with her, about anything and everything.

“School starts in two weeks, second term,” Emily said when I asked about the school times.

I nodded, “we tried to move during the holidays,” I said with a small smile.

I played with the glass of milk in my hands, as Emily took a few sips from hers, “Are you going to La Push or Forks high school?” she asked as she held her glass to her lips.

I pouted, “Forks,” I said sadly.

She laughed and put her drink down on the counter, right on the edge. It tumbled quickly and I saw Emily’s eyes widen. Not thinking, I quickly reached out my hand and stopped its movements before grabbing it quickly and placing it on the counter safely.

“W-what…” Emily started

“You place cups on the counter Emily,” I said childishly as if talking to a small child.

She quickly gave me a glare, “I did, it just slipped,” she said defensively.

“Uh- huh,” I said before laughing loudly, earning another glare from my friend.

“Hey does Drew want to go now? Some of us boys are leaving,” Seth said as he came into the room.

I breathe out, “guess I better be off,” I said standing up and downing my drink before placing it neatly in the sink.

Emily smiled as she leaned in for a hug, “when are you free next? I haven’t had a girl day in too long!” she said tiredly.

I smiled in the hug, “I’m free for the next two weeks,” I said playfully as I gave her a slight squeeze.

She smiled at me when we pulled away, “good, be over by 12 tomorrow,” she said before skipping out of the room.

I gave Seth a lost look complete with trembling lips and puppy dog eyes. He started to laugh, “What’s the matter?” he asked putting an arm around my shoulder.

I whimpered sadly, “I can’t sleep in,” I whined.

He laughed and pulled me into the lounge, “Okay who was leaving again? Cause you got to give Drew a lift,” he said loudly to the room.

Jake, Paul and Embry stood, “we were,” Jake said before saying his goodbyes and giving Emily a hug.

I smiled, feeling Seth pull me in for another hug. He pulled away and I looked to the room, “whose next?” I asked smugly before Quil stood up and hugged me, twirling me in a circle.

When he placed me on the ground, I almost fell over. You can’t blame me, he was spinning me well above the legal limit, “Whoa,” I said, clutching my head slightly.

Jake laughed before bending down to give me a gentler hug. I smiled at him before hugging the others save for Sam and Paul. Sam kind of scares me and I don’t think Paul wants a hug by the glare he was giving me.

I waved goodbye as we drove off and settled in for the most awkward car ride I had ever experienced.

Paul’s POV

I winced as Sam stood there trying to calm me down as I sat on the bench outside Emily’s.

“You should spend some time with her so you two get to kn—”Sam started to say.

“No,” I growled out, “I didn’t ask for this,” I said angrily.

Sam chuckled, only making me angrier, “Well you’re getting it,” he said humouredly.

I sighed, I was the one person in this pack who didn’t want to imprint, who didn’t want to be forced to love someone. On top of that someone I had never even met before. I heard the back door open and I looked up to see Jake coming out with two plates loaded with food.

“Here, thought you two were hungry,” he said softly as he passed us the plates.

I nodded my thanks before eating greedily, I was hungry.

“She seems like a nice girl,” Jake said as he looked out at the forest.

I groaned, “not you too,” I whined.

Jake gave me a glare, “Imprinting isn’t that bad Paul,” he said annoyed, “how do you feel?” he asked me sarcastically.

I frowned, “annoyed as hell,” I offered.

He shook his head, “no you feel better than you ever have, don’t you?” he said smugly.

I growled but thought for a few seconds, “She is pretty,” I mumbled.

Jake laughed, “That’s the spirit,” he said jokingly.

I glared at him, “but I don’t like her!” I said before gasping loudly, as soon as the words had left my mouth, a pain shot through my chest.

“What was that?” I asked breathlessly.

“She’s your imprint Paul, avoiding that fact or avoiding her hurts” Sam said, in full alpha mode.

I ate the rest of my dinner in silence, avoiding all starts at a conversation and tuning out their “Imprint” speeches. The door opened again causing us all to look up. Karla came strutting onto the grass and walked towards us, smiling brightly.

“Hey boys, can you give me a lift?” she said flirtingly.

I felt myself stiffen as well as the two boys next to me, “Sure Karla,” Sam said, his words clipped.

I stood up and brushed past her, stalking back into the house. I quickly slipped past the lounge and placed my plate in the kitchen where Emily was talking to her. I placed it down quietly before sneaking back into the sitting room where Karla was giving out hugs.

I put up my hands to stop her when she came at me with her arms open wide. She frowned at me before patting me on the shoulder and walking into the kitchen. I faintly heard her and her sister exchange a few words before Karla stormed out the door, slamming it behind her. Seth started chuckling but covered it up with a cough.

We heard laughter in the kitchen and Jake frowned before standing up and walking in. We heard nothing for a few seconds just the girl’s laughter.

“What’s going on?” Seth yelled out.

We waited a few seconds before we heard a reply from Jake, “I have no idea,” he said.

After a few second we heard footsteps and Jake joined us, looking awfully confused. We all smiled at him as he sat down next to me and raised his eyebrows.

“What you smiling at?” he asked me, glaring slightly

I chuckled, “you’re a dumbass,” I said back.

He scoffed but didn’t deny my claim before diving into a complex conversation with Seth about cars. My eyebrows flew up along with the rest of the rooms.

“Okay, stop with the big words, we have a different matter at hand,” Quil said before turning to look at me.

Once everyone’s gazes were on me and the room was silent I opened my mouth to tell them where to stuff it but Emily’s voice floated over to us.

“…I think Karla has a thing for Paul,”

My eyes widened and we all exchanged a look when Drew didn’t answer. We waited for what seemed like hours before a voice came to our ears.

“What makes you think that?” we heard.

My eyes widened more, she did not sound happy. Jake nudged me and gave me a smirk before I punched him in the ribs and gestured for him to be quiet.

“She was all over him before, you should have seen the glare she was giving you when Paul went all googly eyed at you,” we heard Emily say before giggling.

“Googly eyed?” was all we heard as a reply before the kitchen fell into silence.

After we heard that I got an earful about how wonderful Drew was for the rest of the evening.

Still Paul’s POV

“Damn, I’m tired, let’s hit the road huh?” Jake asked me.

I nodded before telling Embry and watching Seth leave the room. After a while Seth came back in and asked who was heading off. Jake, Embry and I all stood up and said our goodbyes.

I tried to focus on anything else but her presence. My mood started to darken. I watched as the boys all hugged her happily. My mood dropped and soon I was glaring as Embry—the last one—gave her a hug. She turned to me and saw my glare before she quickly turned away. I felt discomfort pull at my stomach, the glare wasn’t meant for her.

What? Yes it was, definitely meant for her. I told myself as we walked out to the car. As soon as we left the drive a silence fell over us and I didn’t bother to start a conversation. Jake and Embry sensed my mood so they just zipped their lips. Drew just stared out the window. I have one word to describe it.


To Be Continued….

Chapter 4

Blue Eyes (A Twilight Tale)

The Reason

“Wondered when you’d finally come home.”

Whoa, okay that was creepy. Jake had just dropped me off and almost as soon as I close the front door behind me and turn to face the darkness of the house, that is what I hear? Oh hell no.

“Okay, one, where the hell are you and two, have you been just sitting in the dark waiting for me to come home?” I asked her as I searched for the light switch.

She switched it on herself and light flooded the house, “I’m right here and no I heard a car in the driveway,” she defended as she shifted uncomfortably.

So that was a yes, she had been waiting in the dark. I stared at her for a few seconds before placing my keys in my pocket and slowly walking past her, “I’m going out tomorrow, so I’m going to head to bed now,” I said as I climbed the steps, Karla remaining silent behind me.

The sun was bright and birds were singing outside my window…


It was forecasted for heavy rain and the only noises I heard was the wind whipping through the trees around the house. Well, La Push has some charms doesn’t it. I rolled my eyes as I stretched and rolled over, snuggling into the warmth more.

I have officially decided that the world is awesome enough today and doesn’t need me. I’ll just have to stay in bed all day. Damn. I peeked my head out from under my covers and looked over to the bright blue of my alarm clock. 11:19 am, lovely, I still have a whole day in bed.

I shot up promptly falling out of bed. Emily’s… oh come on! I should have set my alarm clock, I’m horrible with time and I know that. Curse my laziness… actually don’t because I plan on sleeping in tomorrow. I stumbled into my bathroom quickly turning on the shower and undressing.

After a very rushed shower I sprinted over my closet throwing open the doors. I wrapped my hair in a towel as I combed through my clothes. Shrugging I pulled out some black leggings and a tight, long dove grey shirt. After slipping on some grey heeled boots I got out my hair dryer and turned it on. After a quick dry I brushed my hair and applied some light make-up. I looked in the mirror and deemed myself satisfactory.

“Karla? I’m using the car,” I yelled blankly into the house.

She was still home; she slept in worse than I did. Pft laziness. Disgusting

“Good for you,” I heard her shout back, her voice slightly muffled by her pillow most likely.

I scoffed and walked down the stairs, grabbing the car keys and my house key before slamming the door loudly behind me. Didn’t take long before I was pulling out of the driveway and on my way through the wet streets of La Push.

“I’m not a perfect person,” I sung along with the radio, “there’s many thing I wish I didn’t do,”

Long after the song was over, the lyrics remained stuck in my head. I would have to get a copy of that song; I’ll ask Karla and the boys, one of them is bound to have it.

I hate it when you get a song stuck in your head.

Paul’s POV

I chuckled as Emily slapped Sam roughly when he made a crude comment.

“That’s what you get,” I said breathlessly.

Sam looked over to me with a glare before smirking slightly, “why you here Paul?” he asked me as he cocked his head.

I knew the reason but that didn’t mean I was going to tell him, “boredom?” I offered.

Sam laughed, “but we’re having a visitor today,” he whined.

I feigned shock, “who would want to visit you?” I asked trying to sound as though this information was new.

Sam smirked, “Karla,” he sang.

I frowned, “I thought…” I started before shifting in my seat.

Sam, Emily and Jake cracked up laughing, “You’re here because she’s going to be here,” Emily said accusingly.

“Am not,” I defended.

They just laughed back causing me to pout. I hate being laughed at; people’s laughs irritate me, well except for Drew’s. She has a nice laugh, it sounds like clear bells almost—nope. I’m here because I want to get to know her a bit better. That’s it, just friendly.


Who knows maybe we’ll get along and maybe go to a few movies together? Just friendly of course, that’s it. Damn, I’m starting to sound like Jared or Sam. They always sound so whipped and… and gooey. Hey no, I am not whipped and please! I’m Paul Lahote I do not do gooey.

“Hello, Earth to Paul?” Jake was yelling as he waved a hand in my face.

I turned a glare on him, “what?” I snapped.

He smiled, “what cha thinking ’bout?” he asked playfully.

I just snarled at him and turned away. Emily’s face softened.

“Paul,” she said gently, “just because you imprinted on her doesn’t mean that the pain of being away from her applies to you only. It hurts when I’m away from Sam,” she said quietly.

I turned to look at her in slight shock. None of the imprints ever to talk to us about what it feels like to be an imprint. They kept that for the little slumber party things they have when they throw pillows at each other and do make-over’s… maybe they’re a bit old for that but close enough.

Sam’s face spilt into a toothy grin. He tightened the arm was wrapped around Emily’s shoulders before leaning in and giving her a kiss on her temple. I rolled my eyes and along with Jake made over-exaggerated gagging noises. We got a glare for all our hard efforts.

I chuckled as a car slowly pulled in, freezing the laugh in my throat. We all froze as we heard the car turn off and scuffling as a door was slammed.

“Will she knock?” Jake asked, shifting, getting ready to stand up.

Emily shook her head, “I just left a message on the door saying only strangers knock,” she said with a small smile while still listening intently.

“I’m not a perfect person,” we heard the person sing, their voice getting louder, “I never meant to do those things to you,”

I frowned; I think I know this song. Sounds familiar, and by the look on Emily’s face she knew it too.

We heard the footsteps stop as they reached the door. After a few seconds of silence the door was opened gently.

“And so I have to say before I go, that I just want you to know,” now that the voice wasn’t muffled, I caught the distinction that told me it was Drew’s voice.

She stopped in the hallway, clearly unsure of which way to go. She had stopped singing and was silent as she listened, probably waiting for us to make a noise first. Emily was struggling to hold in a laugh and after more time of the awkward silence she cracked.

“We’re in the lounge Drew,” she said breathlessly as she laughed.

With no more hesitation she stomped into the lounge and glared fully at Emily, who just raised her eyebrows in return. Emily stood up and opened her arms, the universal gesture for a hug. As Drew rolled her eyes and complied Jake and Sam stood up out of manners. And since my manners are impeccable, I stood as well.

“Morning,” Drew said, sounding out of breath as Emily hugged her. Hard.

Emily pulled back and gave her a large smile, “Good Morning,” she said before taking a step back into Sam’s embrace.

Sam nodded at her with a small smile and Drew returned the gesture before Jake cleared his throat.

“I’m sorry am I invisible?” he said, faking hurt.

Drew just stared at him before sighing and hugging him. I stopped the growl that threatened to rise up my throat. Which was harder than I thought, I had to keep reminding myself that Jake was head over heels in love with one Bella Swan. So my Drew was safe.

What? My Drew?

Oh screw it, now my heads turning against me? This sucks. This sucks a lot.

Jake pulled back from the hug with a smile before he stood back. I shocked the entire room—and myself—by stepping forward with my arms open.

Drew’s POV

I smiled when Jake playfully gave me a tight squeeze. I still don’t understand these guys fascination with hugs. Maybe in time I’ll learn. Hopefully that is.

I stepped back and smiled at him. My breath caught in my throat when Paul raised his arms, gesturing for a hug. Last time I saw this guy he was glaring at me from the window in Jakes car but now he wants a hug. Right.

I stepped towards him and wrapped my arms around his neck while he wrapped his around my waist. I expected the most awkward hug of the century but was shocked when instead of the tight hugs the others gave me he gave me a gentle squeeze.

He was warm and smelt heavenly. Okay Drew, stop dribbling and take your hands back. I smiled as I stepped back and turned to face the others.

“Mind telling me what we’re doing today?” I asked them as we all sat back down.

Emily turned to me, “Mind telling me what you were just singing?”

I froze up, “uh—you could hear me?” I asked as I nervously scratched the back of my neck.

I heard them chuckle as Emily nodded, “Yeah, so you going to share?”

I raked my brain for the name, the radio had said it but I couldn’t remember, “Uhm—uh—a song?” I offered when I was silent for too long.

Sam rolled his eyes as Emily gave me a look, “Name. Now,” she said.

I widened my eyes and looked over to Jake and Paul, “She’s scary isn’t she?” I stage whispered.

Emily sighed and slumped, “Name Drew, otherwise it will be irritated me all day,” she whined.

I shrugged, “I know the lyrics just not the name,” I admitted sheepishly.

Emily nodded, “sing it,” she commanded.

I gave her a look as I raised my eyebrows; she just waved her hands around, gesturing for me to spit it out. I sighed and felt heat rise to my cheeks.

“I’m not a perfect person
There’s many things I wish I didn’t do
But I continue learning
I never meant to do those things to you
And so I have to say before I go
That I just want you to know

I’ve found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
And the reason is you”

I finished there, hoping that would be enough. Emily frowned in thought before her face lit up, “The Reason by Hoobastank,” she said proudly.

I tuttered, “I should of guessed the name,” I said, a bit irritated at myself for missing the big hint.

“How did you know the song Emily?” I asked as I leant back in my chair.

She shrugged, “I like those kinds of songs, instead of all that modern crap nowadays,” she said, blushing slightly.

I nodded, “Same, I can’t listen to half the stuff on the radio without a death wish,” I said chuckling.

Emily smiled and nodded before pursing her lips, “What shall we do today?” she mused.

I copied her facial expression but pretended to stroke an imaginary beard, provoking a laugh from the others. I gave them a fake glare.

“I’m being serious,” I insisted.

Emily chuckled but resumed her previous expression, “not a good enough day for the beach,” she said thoughtfully.

I frowned, “hide and seek,” I said happily.

I got a strange look from the occupants of the room, “You guys know I was actually being serious?” I said with a smirk.

Paul nodded, “I can live with hide and seek,” he said with a shrug.

The others gave him a knowing look and I suddenly got the feeling I was missing out on something important.

Paul’s POV

If perfection had a smell I believe that it smelt exactly like Drew. I had to try not to bury my face in her hair when she hugged me, and it took a lot of self control. Self control I didn’t even know I had.

They had continued talking but I was more focused on the sound of Drew’s voice rather than the words it was forming. Her attention turned to us and I sat up straighter.

“She’s scary isn’t she?” she whispered loudly.

I bit back a chuckle as Emily glared at the back of her head. Drew’s attention was caught once again by Emily and I took the time to look her over. She had shoulder length ebony black hair that was quite curly, perfectly framing her face. She was quite lean as though she exercised often and her bright blue eyes stood out.

I loved her eyes.

I was brought out of my daze by a melodious voice singing quietly. My eyes snapped back into focus and I saw her lips moving as she sung.

“I’m not a perfect person
There’s’ many things I wish I didn’t do,”

It sounded like the song she was singing on her way up to the house. She could actually sing quite well, her voice was soft but with a slight, growl almost.

“But I continue learning
I never meant to do those things do you,”

Do what? Make me fall head over heels? Worse than Jake?

“And so I have to say before I go,
That I just want you to know,”

No, no, no I’m not worse than Jake, it’s not my fault she’s so interesting. It’s just… curiosity. I’m curious about the new girl in town, who knew my Aunt Hope.

“I’ve found a reason for me,
To change who I use to be,
A reason to start over new,
And the reason is you,”

My eyes widened as she sung the chorus. I felt something I hadn’t felt, never, not once in my 19 years. I swallowed and licked my lips nervously as they suddenly felt bone dry. This could not be happening, not to me.

I, Paul Lahote am falling, and I’m falling hard.

To Be Continued

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