BLUE EYES (A Twilight Tale) 5&6-Ifeoma Okeke

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Chapter 5

The Imposter

I frowned, “I just moved here so no,” I said my tone adding a silent idiot at the end of my sentence.

Emily poked her tongue out at my tone before replying, “I was just wondering is all,” she defended.

I laughed, “Still not the best question,” I said as I watched her carve up some vegetables to add to the roast.

She mock glared at me, “don’t be smart, how would I know you weren’t in some long distance relationship or something,” she said in a huff, adding the vegetables to the large dish the chicken was sitting in.

I smiled, “damn you win,” I admitted.

She threw her hands up in the air, before licking her finger and drawing an imaginary one on a scoreboard, “score one for me,” she mumbled as she slipped the dish into the oven.

I scoffed at her causing her to poke her tongue out at me playfully. I glared back and she just giggled loudly, “well now that dinner’s sorted what should we do now?” she asked me as she wiped her hands on a towel.

I looked over to the small clock situated on her kitchen wall, “dinner’s sorted at 2?” I asked, slightly shocked.

Emily shrugged back, “I have to give it time to cook,” she defended before looking out the window.

I followed her gaze, “what’s with the thoughtful and meaningful gaze?” I asked her, my eyebrows furrowing slightly.

She shook her head, “just thinking,” she said quietly.

I frowned, “you need a brain to think Emily,” I pointed out.

She turned to me, spluttering before she slapped my arm. Hard.

“Uhm OW” I yelled as I rubbed the reddening flesh.

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She snorted, “Serve’s you right,” she huffed before turning away from the window and leaning against the counter, facing me again.

I sighed as her dark eyes bore into mine, “what?” I asked her curiously.

She smiled, “come on the boys are waiting,” she said happily as she walked from the Kitchen.

“Yeah,” I muttered under my breath, “for lunch.”

Paul’s POV

“What are they doing?” Sam mumbled as his gaze kept flicking to the hallway door.

Jake chuckled, “ever the patient one, aren’t you?” he said loudly gaining Sam’s attention.

Sam turned and glared at Jake, his eyes flashing dangerously. He snorted and slumped back in his chair shooting us both a look. I opened my mouth to make another smart remark but I was cut off by a light giggling coming down the hall.

“Sad thing is, you’re telling the truth,” Emily said tiredly as she came into the lounge.

Drew followed close behind, “you know it,” she said quietly as she sat down in a free armchair.

Emily leant back against Sam and a strange mood fell over the room. I frowned slightly, emotion was thick in the air I was just unsure as to what emotion it was.

“Are you staying for dinner?” Emily asked Drew in a small voice.

Drew looked up, startled out of her thoughts, “If you’ll have me,” she said with a small smile.

I nodded, “you’re staying then,” I said confidently.

She turned to me, shock flashing in her bright eyes before she nodded timidly and dropped her eyes. She had such vivid eyes, a blue that nature couldn’t produce. It seemed that the others could hear my thoughts because Jake looked into her eyes curiously.

“Do you wear contacts?” he asked her uncertainly.

She looked up, frowning, “Pardon?” she asked slowly.

Jake chuckled, “your eyes? Contacts right?” he asked.

Her face froze in shock.

Drew’s POV

How the hell do I explain my eyes? Oh, I got them because I have gifts that no one can explain, gifts no human should have. Oh sure they’ll believe that… if I had the guts to tell them the truth that is. No one bloody knew the truth. Not even Karla, not even Jasmine.

“Oh uhm,” I started to say.

“Contacts?” Emily repeated frowning

I opened my mouth, “uhm—n-no, not contacts,” I admitted.

Emily frowned, “then how-?” she started to ask.

“Birth defect,” I said, my discomfort showing through.

It was a good lie, well not a lie per say. Technically it was a birth defect; well I considered it a defect. Something not entirely asked for and something unwanted counts as a defect. Right?

Emily opened her mouth before closing it, starting to resemble a goldfish. The others looked shocked and uncomfortable at my sudden out-burst. Their eyes skirting around the room, taking care as to not land on me. Yay ruining my friendships, way to go Drew.

“They’re pretty,” I heard a small voice say.

I looked up and saw Paul playing with his hands nervously while the others looked over at him slight shock. He raised his eyes to mine briefly before letting his gaze fall back to his twitching hands.

“Thanks,” I mumbled.

He nodded to me before looking outside, “Now how about that game of Hide and Seek?” he asked.

We all slowly turned to face him, our expressions similar. He looked at our faces and shrunk back slightly, a blush slowly creeping onto his face. At the exact same time Jake, Sam, Emily and I cracked up laughing. I snorted unattractively but everyone was laughing too hard to notice—and Paul was pouting too childishly to notice either.

“Priceless,” I gasped out as our laughter slowly started to die down.

Paul grumbled and the others stopped laughing but a smile remained plastered on their faces. I opened my mouth to scold the others for laughing but I felt my phone start to vibrate in my pocket as Green Day’s ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ started to play loudly.

I blushed as I struggled to get the phone out of my pocket before pressing answer.

“Hello?” I said into the phone as I quickly left the room.

“Drew, you had better be out shopping,” I heard a cold voice say from the other end.

“Karla… hi,” I said, faltering at little at my sisters harsh voice.

“Where are you?” she demanded as I walked outside.

“At Emily’s,” I said slowly.

I heard a strange noise from the other end, “Who… is with you?” she asked, her words clipped.

Something seemed wrong, “Emily,” I said, something telling me not to mention the others.

“Oh… well are you staying for dinner?” she asked, her voice softening.

I nodded before realizing she couldn’t see the action, “yes, Emily asked and I couldn’t say no,” I admitted.

“Well what time should I be there?” she asked casually.

I hesitated, “Uhm—I don’t think,” I started to say.

“I’m sure she would allow me to come over,” Karla argued, “I’ll be there at five,” she said before I heard the dial-tone.

I huffed before turning on my heel and storming inside. What had her panties in a knot? I slammed open the door before shutting it behind me and hurrying into the lounge.

“Well, we have a visitor,” I said my voice barely hiding the anger I felt.

Jake frowned, “What?” he asked.

I smirked sarcastically, “Karla just invited herself over,” I said my anger started to leak through.

Even Emily looked angry, “why didn’t you stop her?” she said before she could stop herself.

I raised my eyebrows at her, “did you just say that,” I said, smiling even though I was completely shocked.

Emily’s eyes widened considerably and she stumbled over her words, “I mean—uh—the more the merry?” she said coughing slightly.

I chuckled, “she’ll be here at five,” I said studying her to try to gauge her reaction.

She nodded her head quickly, “very well,” she said curtly.

I cocked my head pulling my eyebrows together, “you don’t mind do you?” I asked her.

The boys chuckled but when Emily and I both met their gazes they tried to cover up with a cough. Emily shook her head, “Not. At. All.” She said with a smile.

I nodded, “only thing I need to do is come up with a story about the boys,” I said, “I told her it was just Emily and I,” I explained at their confused expressions.

They nodded, “we came home with Sam,” Paul offered.

I smiled and shook my head, “good enough,” I said, “now we just prepare ourselves for five o’ clock” I said teasingly.

Jake scoffed, “translation; is there a way we can stop her from coming?” he said in a high-pitched voice, a failure at trying to imitate me.

I gave him an emotionless look and said in a deep timbre, “and I’m Jacob black, I’m a dumbarse,” I said before turning and blinking innocently when Jake stared at me irritably.

He snorted, “I do not sound like that,” he argued.

I hesitated, “when you’ve been sniffing helium you do,” I retorted.

He stopped and turned to me with a finger in the air as if he wanted to reprimand me but he closed his mouth with a click and turned away in a huff. I chuckled and threw a coaster at his back; he stopped in his tracks but didn’t turn so I took that as the sign to throw another coaster, this one hitting the back of his head.

He slowly turned to face me with a glare. I could see the amusement clear in his eyes and knew it was dancing in mine as well. I looked around, trying to find an easy way out. I heard the couches creak as the others stood up—hopefully to protect me.

“You do know that neither of us could win this,” I heard Emily say sarcastically from her spot beside me—how did she? Oh never mind.

“Well,” I said breathlessly as I watched Jake and Paul advance well Sam kept his sights set on Emily, “I’d be damned if I didn’t try,” I argued before shooting under Jake’s outstretching hand and out the back door.

“I think that our little game will have to end now, its quarter to five,” Emily said, her voice muffled by Sam’s bear hug.

I laughed, “Does this mean I win?” I asked, “I haven’t been caught yet?”

Jake and Paul snorted, “Whatever,” Jake said as he flicked a hand at me.

I pulled a face at his back as he walked back towards the house, making Emily stifle a small giggle. I gave her a smile as we entered the house again. I checked my phone; we had ten minutes left before my lovely sister got here. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a lovely person but when she’s around Emily—and the boys—she was a completely different person. Also ever since mum died and we moved…

“Drew, can you help me with the roast?” Emily asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I absently nodded as I walked through the hallways to the kitchen. A puff of steam exploded from the oven as Emily opened the door and pulled out the roast.

“It’s perfectly cooked,” she said happily, breathing in deeply.

I poked at the vegetables with a fork before smiling as well, “so are these,” I announced.

Emily placed the roast on a large wooden board before rooting through a draw, and pulling out a large carving knife. I stared at the large knife for a few minutes before snapping out of the daze and grabbing a few plates. She carved up the meat quickly and with skill, making sure not to waste any meat.

“Pass me a plate?” she asked, holding out a hand behind her patiently.

I quickly grabbed one and placed it in her outstretched hand. She didn’t look at me or the plate as she piled the chicken onto neatly. She turned to smile back at me as she placed the packed plate on the counter before she looked over the roasted vegetables.

“Hope there’s enough,” she muttered under her breath as she un-stacked the plates.

I smiled my agreement as she placed a generous amount of vegetables on each plate. She motioned to the large plate that held the chicken and the last two plates, “you wouldn’t mind, would you?” she asked as she used her hip to open the kitchen door.

I nodded as I picked up the plates and followed her out the door, smiling as she balanced four plates in her hands. She placed them on the table and we all turned as we heard the door open.

“Honey, I’m home,” we all heard Karla yell.

To Be Continued….

BLUE EYES (A Twilight Tale) Chapter 6

I plastered a smile on my face as I heard the front door open and heels click along Emily’s wooden floor.

I bit back a smile as Karla entered the room with a wide smile on her red lips. Whoa… someone finally unpacked their make-up.
“Karla!” Emily exclaimed as she moved in for a hug.
Karla’s smiled widened and I couldn’t stop the soft smile from gracing my lips. She may be annoying, arrogant, cocky, ignorant and bitchy but come on, she’s my sister. Hard not to smile when you see her looking so happy.
My smile dropped though when the smile turned flirty. She turned to the boys, her arms wide open, a sly grin on her face. Jake hid a wince as he stepped forward for a hug. Unlike me, she enjoyed the hugs because she was in contact with extremely hot guys. Mine were all friendly.
“Drew, you said none of our boys were here,” she chirped.
I turned a smile on the boys, “Well, our boys aren’t here,” I said sarcastically.
I know she heard me but she ignored me and turned, engaging Paul in conversation. I rolled my eyes and followed Emily into the dining room, watching her sit down, ready to dig in. The boys followed after her eagerly. Paul pushed through the small archway, not caring that Karla was still blabbering on behind him.
I stifled a laugh as I sat down next to Jacob, who turned and gave me a wink as he rested his head on his hands, clearly waiting for Karla to shut up and sit down. Karla stopped—to take a breath—and Emily took the opportunity to cut in and ask her to sit down. Karla gave her a smile before sitting down next to an annoyed looking Paul on the opposite side of the table. I turned to Jacob and we both shared a grin at Paul’s expense.
“Dig in,” Emily exclaimed happily.
I frowned when I noticed the boys patiently waiting for something. I turned to Emily with a raised eyebrow; she smiled when she saw my confused expression.
“They’re going to wait until we have all we could eat,” she explained giving Sam a soft smile.
He smiled back gently. I forked some chicken onto my plate, making sure to leave enough for the boys. Karla still hadn’t shut up, and was rising a glass of water to her lips as she waved her free hand around dramatically.
I looked away from her and own to my plate before reaching out blindly for the salt and pepper. After seasoning my food I looked back to my sister and saw her lowering the glass back to the table. I cut in on her conversation.
“Did you just drink water and never stop talking?” I asked her, cocking my head curiously.
She looked down at the cup she had placed back on the table before turning to Paul and winking, “Talented?” she inquired.
I swear Paul paled as Jake and Sam started sniggering behind their hands. I bit the inside of my cheek before forking some food into my mouth to try to stop the laughter bubbling in my chest. Karla noticed our giggling and she sent me a small glare before finally spooning some chicken onto her plate.
As soon as she placed the tongs back in the large dish the boys dove at it. I smirked while they stocked up their plates, leaving the dish empty. Silence fell over the table as we ate, and I was thankful for it. I looked over at Jake, and saw that his plate was almost empty… after FIVE minutes. I shook my head fondly before I remembered the pendant I had found back at the house.
I continued to eat as one of my hands fell to my side and patted my legs. I closed my eyes in annoyance when I realized I had left it at home, not that I had any pockets in leggings but still.
I heard Jakes fork clattered down onto his plate loudly, closely followed by similar noises as Paul and Sam finished as well. I chuckled quietly at their content looks before quickly polishing off the rest of my meal. Emily copied me while Karla was eating very, very politely.
I looked up as a question popped into my head, “Karla how did you get here? I have the car,” I questioned as she finished off her plate.
She looked up at me, “Walked,” she shrugged.
I gave her a scolding look, “could’ve asked me to pick you up,” I grumbled as she picked up her and Paul’s plate and walked off to the kitchen.
I rolled my eyes as I took the rest of the plates and followed Karla into the kitchen. She saw me and put a hand on my arm to stop me from leaving. I gave her a confused look and she smiled back.
“Hey, do you think I should ask Paul out?” she asked me cockily.
My eyebrows shot up and I swallowed the sarcastic reply I was tempted to say, “Why?” was all I could get out.
She gave me a really look, “Cause I’m sure he likes me and you’ve got to admit he’s attractive,” she gushed.
I tried not to snort when she said that she was sure Paul liked her. The only thing I was sure about was the fact that Paul didn’t seem to keen on her. I shrugged back.
“I don’t know, what would you ask him to do?” I inquired, trying to keep my face empty.
She pursed her lips, “the movies? A romantic dinner?” she practically swooned.
I held back a gag as I nodded with a large fake smile and walked out the door, leaving her day-dreaming in the kitchen. I came back into the dining room, in a much fouler mood then I had been when I left. Emily seemed to notice this.
“Hey, you alright?” she whispered as they boys argued over something on the television.
I gave her a knowing look, “Karla’s going to ask out Paul,” I whispered back.
Her eyes widened and she looked worried for a moment before she started to vigorously shake her head, “I wouldn’t if I were her,” she said nervously.
I frowned, “why not?” I said back, my hair covering my lips, stopping anyone from seeing what I was saying.
Emily looked over to the boys before grabbing my arm and leading me into the backyard. It was dark and the trees swayed lightly in the soft breeze, making the mood become dark and creepy. I frowned as Emily shot the trees a strange look before she gave me her full attention again.
“Paul likes someone right so if Karla asks him, he’ll come up with a polite excuse,” she started to say.
I nodded, “everyone would come up with a polite excuse,” I said with a snigger.
Emily hid a smile as she continued, “But if she pushes he’ll lose his temper, and trust me, no one wants that,” she said, her eyes full of concern.
I winced, “she’ll push… hard,” I stated, I knew my sister and she wouldn’t stop until she got what she wanted.
Emily’s eyes flickered to the window, causing my eyes to follow hers. The boys were basically pressed up against the glass, watching us. I gave them the finger as I smiled brightly before turning back to Emily and allowing the fake smile to slide off my face.
“We’re screwed,” I stated.
Emily nodded, “we have to get either Paul or Karla out of there before she has the chance to ask,” she said quickly, raising her finger to point at Karla who had just re-entered the sitting room where the boys were located.
We both eeped before we sprinted to the back door and threw it open, basically falling into the sitting room. Everyone shot us extremely confused look. We both smiled brightly.
“Evening,” I said casually, plopping myself down on the couch.
Sam shrugged it off and continued with his heated debate about… something. I admit I wasn’t really listening; I was focusing on Karla more. She was eyeing Paul and the look in her eyes was going to be making an appearance in my nightmares eventually. I knew it.
“Karla? Maybe we should hit the road,” I said, feigning a yawn.
She shot me a glare, conveying with her eyes the fact that she had yet to ask out Paul. I shrugged back in response and watched as she got out her phone and texted someone. I huffed in annoyance at her dismissal.
“Doth Mother know you wearth her drapes,” Tony Stark’s arrogant voice echoed through the room. I winced and fumbled to grab my phone, checking to see who had text me.
I sighed when I saw the text was from my older sister, I refrained from glaring up at her and opened her message, “I haven’t had a chance to talk to Paul yet,”
I quickly text her back, putting my phone on vibrate and placing it on the couch arm. Karla’s phone went off and I saw her face sour as she read my reply; “Who cares, do it later.”
I saw her smirk as she write the reply, placing her phone on her lap smugly. I rolled my eyes as I saw my phone move as it vibrated. I picked it, my jaw dropping when I read the reply; “I don’t think Paul could wait though, he keeps checking me out. I hope he doesn’t mind that I like slow relationships ;)”
My lips twitched as I write the reply. The others must have noticed something was off because they kept stealing glances at us. As Karla looked down at her phone, I gave Emily a wide grin. She cocked her head and looked over to Karla.
Karla looked livid. Ready to Kill.
It was a pity I was on the receiving end of her anger. She stood up and stormed out of the room. Emily’s look of confusion became more apparent so I stood up and walked over to her, sitting down next to her on the couch. I scrolled to the top of our messages and allowed her to read them.
“How did that make her angry?” she whispered.
I smirked as I showed her the message I had just sent. Emily’s jaw dropped and she started giggling wildly. The boys perked up.
“What?” Sam asked Emily as he leant back against her legs.
She just shook her head as she laughed, “she’s going to be so pissed at you,” she said, her comment only made more real by the slamming of the car door in the background.
“What did you do Drew?” Jake asked, giving me a tired look.
I shared a look with Emily who nodded, “Well, my dear sister was going to ask Paul out,” I started.
Paul paled and winced as Jake and Sam cracked up laughing, I waved them into silence, “Emily warned me that that wasn’t the best idea,” I said carefully, making sure not to mention the temper part.
“Karla is known to push, and well, Emily warned me that pushing can cause anger and no one wants that,” I said quickly, “so when I suggested that we go home, she text me saying that she hadn’t had a chance to talk to Paul yet.”
I was having trouble holding in my laughter, “I told her that it didn’t matter and it could wait but she text back saying that Paul couldn’t wait and he was checking her out and that she hoped he wouldn’t mind the fact that she liked slow relationships,” I winced when I said the last part, but so did everyone else.
“Then I said back,” I looked down at my phone and read out what I had text her, “Paul would gladly wait, the only looks he’s giving you is disgust. So shut up and get in the car.”
The boys laughed so hard, that tears started to fall from their eyes. I rolled my eyes at their theatrics but had to laugh as well. I felt my phone vibrate and I looked down quickly.
“I can hear you laughing. Get in the car NOW. We need to have a talk.”
I winced before apologizing and hurrying out to the car. Last time we had a “talk” it ended with harsh words, flying punches…
And a trip to the Hospital.

To Be Continued….

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