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Reminiscing my primary school years; I had a favorite song then and there was no day in school that students would not be subjected to singing the song. Because of the consistent repetition of the song, my spirit became synchronized with the purported meaning in the wordings of the songs.

“Good, better, best.

 I shall never rest,

Until my good is better,

 And my better, best.”

Most people are in the ‘good’ or perhaps ‘better’ stages of their academic performances and they feel they have arrived. To attain progressive achievement, you don’t have to be comfortable with your present achievement. You have to keep the ball rolling. Perhaps you are academically above average and you are satisfied thus relaxing and neglecting the fact that you can attain better than your present achievement if you push on. ‘Good’ is admirable no doubt but don’t relax on ‘good’. Try progressing your ‘good’ to ‘better’ and your ‘better’ to ‘best’.

Severally, I have seen student clamoring for just a past grade every semester. Such students are so comfortable with a past grade that each semester, they keep praying for a pass. Sometimes I ponder over their inaccurate and inappropriate way of reasoning. How can you be so comfortable with a pass when there are distinctions? How can a student be so relaxed and comfortable with a credit pass when the student can possibly make B’s or A’s grade. Your performance cannot improve when you are satisfied with your present achievement. Like the nursery school rhyme, you don’t have to relax until you make your ‘good’ ‘better’ and your ‘better’ ‘best’. Examine your present achievement and if there be any room for advancement, then advance. Our problem most times is that we compare ourselves with the worst in most cases. For instance, a student that had a credit pass on a particular course will gladly be comparing himself with another that had an F (FAIL) in the same course. Such student will be saying things like “what of those that failed, thank God I didn’t fail anyways.” why comparing yourself with those that failed, what of those that attained distinction on that course. Why not establish such comparison and improve your performance.

It is wrong to be satisfied with your present achievement especially when your achievement is not at the peak of what you can achieve. Always strive progressive achievement. Don’t be stagnated at any stage of success.  You can only be stagnated when you are a satisfied with your present achievement at that stage. There is always room for improvement. The room for the improvement cannot be fully occupied. According to Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs in psychological perspective. He postulated that individuals have five (5) hierarchies of needs. Among them, the need for self actualization is considered the apex. It was positioned that most people live and die without getting to self actualization, reason perhaps is the satisfaction with present achievement and thus being incarcerated by the euphoria of the present achievement.

There is nothing wrong with praising yourself when you achieve something good. An Igbo proverb says “that the lizard which fell from the iroko tree praised himself when there was no one to praise him.”  It is good to praise yourself when you achieve something but it is wrong to remain there.

REMEMBER; the nursery school rhyme “good, better, best, I shall never rest until my good is better, and my better best.”

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