Face Of The Masquerade-Ifeoma Okeke

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Chapter 10

Ezeudo Kingdom.

Igwe Ogidi, Queen Nwgo, Prince Ejike and his best friend Oyemechi were sited.

Igwe Ogidi: My son, I have called you here for us to discuss an important matter.

Prince Ejike: (looks at his friend and then his father) What matter father?.

Queen Nwgo: The matter is, we are not getting any younger, we need a grandchild.

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Prince Ejike: Father, mother, I don’t understand what you are trying to say.

Igwe Ogidi: What your mother and I is trying to say is: You should by now have a princess that you want to settle down with. We are not getting any younger Ejike.

Prince Ejike: Father, Mother, you. Could have just say so. Any way I have a princess whom my heart beat for. She is so beautiful, I love her.

Igwe Ogidi: (Smiling) It seemed that our son is in love which is a good sign.

Queen Ngwo: My son, whose Princess is that and what is the name of her kingdom?.

Prince Ejike: (Proudly) Her name is Omalicha but they call her Princess Oma.

Queen Nwgo: Then she must be beautiful. I can’t wait to have another royal house among us. So when are you going to introduce her to us?

Prince Ejike: Very soon Mother, very soon.

Igwe Ogidi: But you haven’t answer us the main question which is what is the name of her kingdom?.

Prince Ejike: She is from (Turns to his friend and whispered into his ear. Onyemechi nodded his head and turned to face the Igwr and queen).

Onyemechi: Your highness, My queen. The name of her kingdom is called Ezelaboi (the Prince and his friend saw a look of shock on the Igwe and his wife).

Igwe Ogidi: (still shock and surprise) My son are you sure you are not going mad? Onyemechi are you very sure your friend here is not going mad?.

Onyemechi: He is not going mad your Highness (Turns to look at the Prince) or have you?.

Prince Ejike: Shut up!

Queen Nwgo: My son, you can’t marry that princess. Why should your love takes you there to cursed Princess?

Prince Ejike: But I love her regardless of the curse in their land, after all it was their forefathers that caused it and not this present generation.

Igwe Ogidi: What food did she give to you for you to be blind? Don’t you get it? They are cursed, even the ones that they’d yet to born are all curse.

Prince Ejike: I love her father, I can’t live without het.

Queen Nwgo: What love? Which Love? My son you must live without her ooo. Let’s put it this way, assume there is no curse in that kingdom we could have given you a go ahead, but there curse doesn’t have a solution. Let me ask you son, Do you want to bring a curse into this village?

Prince Ejike: No mother, but in every problem there is always a way out. At least accept her as your future daughter in law.

Igwe Ogidi: Don’t say an abomination. She can’t be our daughter in law as far she is from that cursed village. So if I were you I would have gone in search of another bride. Go and look for others maidens in our kingdom because I don’t need a princess any more. We have beautiful maidens, choose from them. I rather be ugly and free than to be a beautiful Princess but yet cursed.

Prince Ejike: I will not sit down and watch you insult my future queen of Ezeudo (He walked out angrily).

Igwe Ogidi: (faces Onyemechi) My son Onyemechi, help me and beg your friend to look for another Princess or a maiden and not Princess Omalicha.

Onyemechi: I will your highness

Queen Nwgo: Good. Tell him to stay away from a cursed Princess. Please I don’t want to lose my only child and son in the hands of that evil and wicked Masquerade biko.

Igwe Ogidi: My queen, please know how to talk about the masquerade. I don’t want to die before my time. (Looking around them)

Queen Nwgo: I meant to say the good kind hearted Masquerade, Onyemechi help us and convince your friend to leave Princess Oma alone, please you are his best friend.

Onyemechi: I will try my best to convince him about her my queen.

Igwe Ogidi: Good, thank you my son. You can go.

Onyemechi: (bows his head to them) Igwe may you live long. (He walked away from them towards the direction Prince Ejike had angrily went).

To Be Continued

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