Face of the Masquerade 9-Ifeoma Okeke

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Chapter 9

Odogwu’s Shrine

Igwe, Mazi Uzudu, Mazi Ozo, Onowu, Mazi Okeke, Mazi Okoro, Nkechi, Ogechi, Nkiru, Adanna, Ugochi and Odogwu.

They were all sited except for the five Maidens who all stood in front of Odogwu.

Odogwu: Welcome, you are all welcome. Are these the five maidens.

Igwe: Yes wise one, these are the five maidens.

Odogwu: (Turns to the maidens) You maidens knows why you are all here, right?

All Maidens: Yes wise one.

Odogwu: The journey is far, but you will all make it out alive if you all stick together. I am going to prepare you all for the great journey ahead (he turned to face his gods and started his incantations. He suddenly stops and look at the maidens one by one) Igwe, the gods are saying it remains their leader. She will be the one to lead them into the forest if not, all these five would die inside the forest.

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Igwe: So who is this Leader wise one?

Odogwu: It is no other person than the princess.

Igwe: Princess? Which of the princess are you speaking off?

Odogwu: It is your daughter, Princess Oma. She will be the one to lead them to where Ijele is. Without her this mission they are about to set (Points at the five maidens) is fruitless.

Igwe: Why my only daughter? (Confused)

Odogwu: She is into this fight more than you can ever imagine.

Igwe: But Wise one, we cannot go back to bring her, the journey is a far one. How can she find her way here?.

Odogwu: The gods will bring her here to us. Let me start preparing the maidens before she lands here. For when she comes, the journey has began. For the gods has already prepared her.

Igwe: Okay wise one.


The Princess Hut:

Princess Oma was sleeping on a bench outside the frontage of her hut when she suddenly stood up from the bench. Her two eye balls where white like snow. She looked around her sharply. Her wrappers she was putting on transformed into that of a warriors own. A bag rested firmly on her hips. She looks like someone who was set to go for a far journey. Looking around her once again, she started walking forward as if going out from her hut. She took one step, two step and a third one before disappearing into thin air.


Odogwu’s Shrine:

Odogwu: They are all ready. Remember what I told you, if you all obey the instructions then none of you will die. (Princess oma appeared in front of Odogwu, the Igwe and the rest were surprised on seeing her except Odogwu who smiled) You are welcome my Princess. We have been waiting for you since. Now that you are here, the journey has began.

Igwe: Won’t you also instruct the Princess what to do like you did to the maidens?

Odogwu: That won’t be necessary. She knows more than me.

Igwe: Okay, if you insist (Turned to face the maidens) please everyone should be her sisters keeper in the evil forest.

Maidens: Thank you Igwe.

Princess Oma: We have heard you Father.

Odogwu: It is time (Odogwu leads them to a tree that was mysteriously in half, it was divided. They stopped) Here is the road to Obankwu forest (Pointing at the half tree). Princess Oma, the gods choose you to lead them. Lead them well and protect them. (the girls entered the trees one after the other. After they had all entered, the tree became one again. Odogwu turned to face the Igwe and his elders) Igwe, it is time to go home and wait for their return. (He waved his hands at them all and they all disappeared).

To Be Continued…..

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