How to avoid marrying and still wishing to be single-Ikechi chimuanya

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Most times people tend to be more desperate for marriage and more desperate for the kind of spouse they want to marry that they forget to work on themselves. We all have weaknesses.

Many times I see ladies praying for a good husband and fasting from 6 – 6 for a particular choice of man,(I don’t even know who gave them work😂😄)

God may grant you that request, he may, but then, if you didn’t work on your weaknesses before going into that marriage, that young man may be tired of making adjustments one day..

Before you pray for a quality spouse with thick material, here are the things to do:

1• Define your weaknesses and work on them. At least make the work easier for the Oga /madam.

2• Be more concerned on the man’s spiritual life than physical. How often does he lead you to God? Where’s he always taking you to? Bars? Hotels? Beaches? Eatery? Of course it’s good to visit all these places for relaxation.. But How often does he talk of spiritual things..

Hear me, the source and direction for a peaceful home is rooted in the word of God, when a man is far from God, that man is far from his personal peace and direction.. And when a man lacks peace and direction within, what do you think will happen to the family which he heads?

Of course one can’t give what he doesn’t have.

3• Get a purpose for marriage: Many times I’ve enjoyed the company of friends coming to me in person with a particular relationship issues and sometimes seeking for advice, and there’s this thing I’ve found out about some of them, they really don’t believe there’s gain or need for marriage.. I’ve been told severally by a friend that if not for procreation, he wouldn’t have gone into marriage.. I agree,

Now listen to this truth, Procreation is really very important but it shouldn’t be the sole aim of getting married.

Try and find out God’s purpose for your marriage beyond procreation. You see, men /women with such thoughts and mentality changes their behavior towards their spouse once they’ve gotten the number of children they want. When you marry for procreation, it means, you would care or less about what happened to the marriage after you might have gotten the number of children you want.

Situation like this, you hear some men/women saying things like :

I want divorce, after all, I have my kids now, and whether the marriage works or not, they won’t seize to be mine..

This kind of things happens because purpose wasn’t clearly defined.

Define your purpose for marriage beyond procreation. you can envisage a family that would be a source of joy to those around you, what if you work on building a home that would bring glory to God through touching lives and sharing the love of God. What about having a vision of establishing a kind of home That’d serve as a reference point to other families that truly, couples can live in undying love and peace…

Many today are having Wong Impression about marriages perhaps as a result of the experience they had with their families and that of their neighbors while growing up..

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I’ve decided that in my generation, my marriage will serve as a positive mirror to many, it will reinforce many into living and learning how to build a solid Goldy union

If you know , you’ve taken a decision of not just going into marriage for procreation, if you’ve decided to define the purpose of your marriage beyond procreation…


The Bible said: “with wisdom an house is built and with understanding it is established”.. There are two main prerequisite for building a family (wisdom and understanding) and these two things comes from the Lord.. Now tell me, what are you expecting to happen that moment you were busy shinning your teeth and accepting his proposal even when you knew he is spiritually inefficient..???

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