How to know your calling-Ikechi chimuanua

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Over time, identifying one’s calling have been a challenging task to many. Don’t be surprised today that some people are already feeling and thinking they just don’t have a calling, but truth is, we all have our designated calling. How then can we identify our calling?

• Firstly, take a careful observation within. Our callings most times comes like an assignment, maybe there’s something that always Comes to your mind with a sort of feeling like, this work is mine to do and you always feel you’ve been given an assignment and atimes, your mind always taking you to that direction and always reminding you of it. If you do have such feelings on the inside of you? Then let’s get to step two.

•Secondly, there’s always this inner happiness when you’re working on your calling, and you’ll notice a kind of fullness and sense of flow. Just look within you, there’s this thing you always find yourself flowing naturally on whenever you’re on it, maybe singing, writing, talking to people, maybe constructing things, drawing etc.. Just figure it out.

•Thirdly, You see when you identify your calling, there’s always a great feeling of resistance to it, most times we feel they surpasses our ability, we feel they are too great and we don’t have enough charisma, skills, resources for them. And this is where the devil always pin most people down with..He’ll make you feel like you can’t even do well on this, he’ll make you feel like you don’t posses the qualities and skills needed for your calling, and trust me, many couldn’t fulfill theirs just because of the greatness of their calling, they were made to believe by the devil that it’s too great for them to undertake.

The truth is, you’ll develop and gather all you need for your calling while working on it and not before.

Our calling are there to grow us into the person we are meant to be, and until you’ve grown to the person you are meant to be, that gift may stay inside of you completely wasted.

So what decision are you taking today? Abandoning your calling for not having the necessary skills and resources or are you going to start working on it immediately and allow God take you through the process of growth and skill discovery? Choose wisely..

I’ve taken the decision to live to my calling because he that calls is faithful and able to lead me to completion.

As for me, I wouldn’t leave this earth without meeting the man I was meant to be. I wouldn’t die wishing I had lived.

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Don’t keep waiting anymore. Start working on your calling today.

I have an assignment for you…go down deep inside of you? Find out what your calling is and message me privately about it. I want to hear from you.

God bless you.

Yours sincerely

Bro. Emmanuel Ikechi

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