It Is Time-(Delivered to Imo Business Men and Women Lagos) -Chris Anokwu

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It has been said and, I believe it to be true that “a people get the leadership they deserve”
Right up from 1999 to date, our people have been as culpable as the polithiefal parties when issues relating to vote buying and electoral misconduct in its entirety are raised.

They demand, our people supply. Or our people sale and they buy. It is either we end this ungodly, unpatriotic trend or we live forever under the dictates of these vultures and buccaneers who have hijacked our destiny and daily, steadily motgage the future of our unborn children.
Every four years, men and women far more in tune and gifted with leadership ability make themselves available and present themselves for elective positions. It is saddening to state, that our people keep making the wrong choices because the very factors we consider in supporting and or subsequently voting, are factors that are inconsequential.

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My mission is simple: I shall be making myself available. And, I shall not engage in the electoral trade exchange which has grossly characterized our electoral behavior. I do not have money to share. I have value for every penny. Even if I had excess, there are a million and one noble things to do with it other than use it to manipulate our people’s mind simply because there’s hunger and poverty and lack in the land. What I have in exchange for our people’s votes isn’t money and certainly not other gift materials. What I have is the gift of self. I offer my love for our people. My best and most productive years as a man. My youth, my energy, my creativity, my zest, my years of education, my life experiences and respect for the dignity of fellow human being. I can only offer my services.
The way I understand campaigns and elections is simple: I will present my CV. It is a job interview. I will state what I can and will do. I will equally explain the process and methodology by which I intend to deliver on those promises. If the employers (being the people) say they aren’t satisfied with my Resumé, then I rest my case. If our people desire to live below poverty line and in insecurity, illiteracy, diseases, unemployment and the plethora of social issues which we face today, then I can not do much to change that. If our people insist on money for votes, I’m sorry, but truth is that in years not so far from now, hunger will not only have a second home in our stomachs but a permanent address. But, if our people decide to employ me based on what I can offer, then our job will begin. After four years, our people will assess my performance on the job, and if satisfied, have the right to extend my contract for another four years. And today, I tell you this, that I will be the first leader of our state to go back to government house for a second term in office without pasting a re-election poster or billboard. The campaign for my second term will start from my inaugural day in office. I mean this.
It is time to realign our perceptions. It is time to define our destiny. It is time to support individuals who will ensure our people do not come to polithiefians cap in hand every four yes just to collect peanuts.
It is time to support your friends, your sons and daughters, your brothers and sisters who can and will do this job in this stage of human existence brilliantly. It is time to reengineer our thoughts and assess as well as grade aspirants and candidates based not on pocket, or lofty tittles, but on the very basis of their understanding of our people’s basic needs, yearnings and aspirations; on their understanding of the rigours and dynamics of 21st century world leadership even though it be at state level. It is time to tell ourselves some home truth.

It is time. My time. Your time. Our time. Time in itself plays romance with no man. We must make it ours. I challenge you my fathers and mothers, contemporaries and friends and peers therefore, move with me. March with me. Reason with me. Stand by us.

Support the guy who will chase hunger and poverty from homes. Who will meet the streets of our state unpaved and unlit and leave it carpeted with cobblestones and tared; lit up for illumination.
Stand by the guy who will pay minimum wage of hundred thousand at a time even federal government is still grappling with the idea of thirty thousand. We will create better working conditions and higher pay packages to drive productivity and raise the standard of living of our teeming working class. Under our labour programme, the secondary school leaver employed by government will earn a minimum of fifty thousand (50,000), the NCE and or OND holder employed by government will take home seventy thousand (70,000) and, the BSc. B.Ed, HND, BA holders will take home a hundred thousand monthly. Never again, never, not under my watch will the disparity in wages and opportunities betwixt University and Politechnic graduates exists. It is unjust and unreasonable!
Support the guy who will create state guard to protect our people, property and faith, because the charge of extremism is advancing forcefully. I’m not a pretender! This country is highly and sharply divided across ethnic and religious lines and intolerance. And, our police and military are infiltrated at all ranks by those who will seek to harm us and extinct our faith. Together, we can crush them and protect ours.

I’m not here to promise skyscrapers, flyover bridges and underground speed trains. My grand business is to fix the basic necessities of good living for our people. My job is to create as much employment as government can bear, but create an environment and society conducive enough through policies that have human face so that even our sons and daughters can employ themselves and skills, handworks, creativity and productivity will flourish. I’m here both on the side of the rich, middle class and poor.
I believe in welfarism. I believe in social-capitalism. A system of government which I have propounded to guide my leadership style. It is simply to help the rich prosper and help the poor get out of poverty.

I’m not going to pull down the rich in order to build up the poor. Our problem is not the preponderance of wealth and resources. But the daily corrupt practices and lack of sincerity on the part of government to equitably distribute wealth. Our problem again, is the lack of inventiveness and creativity on the part of government to regenerate wealth.
I’m simply saying, that the rich should be encouraged, since they have the means, to give back to society. And the now poor, when wealth is evenly distributed, will be assisted to engage themselves lucratively. I’m not seeking to rob the rich and pay the poor, no! In a sentence, I’m simply going to create a state of equal opportunity not going to create equal status. I cannot do God’s job.

My plan is a 30 year plan, only lack of sincerity and continuety can scuttle this. My vision is to remove our state from the epileptic national grid of electricity supply. An inconsistent power supply which sadly demands our people pay exorbitant bills. It is a long but feasible project.

Once in government, we will begin the gradual dismantling of the status quo. We will do this step by step and test run perhaps local government wise or zonaly. Without uninterupted energy supply, our quest for an industrialized and prosperous state will continue to elude us. You may think and consider all these as lofty and high sounding ideas. But they are feasible, yes. Only with a sincere, creative, solution driven and visionary leadership can these and many more be achieved. We will generate our own power and it will take time, yes that’s the truth because it will consume much capital and we can not pause all other projects to service that only. So, it will be gradual, but surely it will be steady.

I’m not only bringing hope. But the restoration of confidence and faith in our governing process. A promise when in action will metamorphose to belief.
It is time to align with a government that will revamp our health sector, encourage and boost local content especially within agricultural and manufacturing sector. It is time to say so many things, but I understand you all have families to feed and must return to your businesses. Four years is far but close, 2023 is near. But there will be ample time to say so many things.

To leave you people, my fathers, my mothers, my brothers and sisters, I have this to say; I want to be your Chief security officer in the state, your Chief economist, your Chief administrator. I want to lead our people. I am now three decades here, yet I’ve not experienced good governance. It is time to seek it, find it and sustain it. This is our time. Ndewo nu. Ya gazie ra anyi nile!!!

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