S.I.R.E.N (The Journey of Love) 16-Ifeoma Okeke

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Chapter 16

“She really doesn’t look like her at all”. Davies said all of sudden taking note of Jencita movement.

“How do you know?” Siren turned her confused eyes on Davies. “There is no way you would tell me that this girl isn’t your portrait. It is totally impossible. Can’t you see the resemblance in her?” Siren questioned as Davies roamed his eyes all over the figure of Jencita.

“No dear one, that’s not her. The girl I met has blue hair not light blue”. Davies said remained adamant about it.

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“Well if you say so. Come on let’s be going I really need to fresh up and maybe come back to this boutique for a nice clothes”. Siren said as they both walked towards their respectively cars and drove off the scene.

Unknown to them Jencita has been watching them. She was awestruck about the beauty of Siren and the handsome man beside her. Were they couples? She didn’t have an answer to that question. But that wasn’t what she was thinking.

Siren, the rich spoilt girl as she had nicknamed her, somewhat looked like the late queen mother.

She only hoped they come to her boutique to patronize her. Mermaids like things that are shinny. She quickly walked inside her boutique, a smile on her face. As she looked at the trap, kept where only a true mermaid would know where it was. It look so simple yet deadly.


“Hello mother. Good afternoon mother. You never made any mention of your coming to my office at all, I hope there is no problem?” Mr Salvador asked when he saw his mother sited in his office. “What a surprise visit mother” Mr Salvador added as he peck his mother on the cheek and sat down on his chair.

“Salvador, I came here on a very important note in fact on the contrary, your father specific told me to tell you this message”. Alberta, Salvador’s mother name told her son.

“And which is mother?” Salvador asked knowing where the discussion was going too.

“Your father, has arranged a lovely lady for you since you can’t forget about Lucy and move on with your life by giving us grand kids….” Alberta lifted up one of her palm to silence Salvador. “.. don’t talk when I talk, where are your manners? Anyways, your father has arranged a ball for your engagement party and he would be expectant of your arrival”. Alberta said with authority.

“But mother, father and you can’t choose my bride for…” he was interrupted by the sudden arrival of Sirene who has just came in to drop some documents with Salvador.

“My apologies sir. Good afternoon ma’am”, Sirene said as she quickly dropped what brought her into the office and quickly left the way she came.

“…like I was saying mother, I will not be attend that….. mum?” Salvador started off but was cut off when he noticed a strange look in Alberta’s face. “What is it mother, why is your face like this? He added.

“That lady that walked in…?”

“Oh, she is a new worker in my company and she got that burnt on her face as a little child”.

“Not really her, I am talking about she bears a similar resemblance to Lucy, her eyes looks exactly the same as you. Did she tell you about her family”. Then something clicked in her “Did you just say burnt?”

“Yeah, didn’t you see it on her face?”

Forcing out a smile “Never mind Salvador, about her parents what did she tell you?” Alberta asked all of a sudden.

“She said they are all died. She is the only survival of her family”.

“I don’t think she’s telling the truth Salvador, call an investigator to investigate more about her background”.

“I don’t understand why you suddenly pick an interest on Sirene mother or her background”.

“You won’t understand son”. Alberta said.

How would she tell her son she was once a mermaid who gave up her tail for her human feets for love. It was a long time ago. But what the Prophecies failed to take away was the ability to see beyond someone facade. If her son says Sirene has got a bunt face, then this one that she saw doesn’t have any burnt and she looks exactly like the Lucy her son has always yearn for. Not only that, she has the jaw of her son and lips of Salvador. No doubt about this one, Sirene is her grandchild and Salvador is her father. She only needed a prove.

“You won’t understand son. I should be on my way now, don’t worry about calling the investigator again. I will do it in my own way”. Alberta said as she stood up to her average height. “Oh and Salvador treats Sirene well enough until I prove something. In fact give her my number to call me. Tell her to call me, do you understand Salvador?” She added without waiting for his reply she walked out of the office.

To Be Continued….

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