S.I.R.E.N (The Journey of Love) 17-Ifeoma Okeke

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Chapter 17

Previously on Siren

“Oh and Salvador treats Sirene well enough until I prove out something. In fact give her my number to call me. Tell her to call me, do you understand Salvador?” She added without waiting for his reply she walked out of the office.


“My mother has found you quite interesting and wants to speak with you”. Mr Salvador told Sirene as he had earlier called her to come to his office immediately his mother had left him.

“I don’t understand you sir, how did you mean?” Sirene asked a little bit confused.

“My mother had picked interest on you, so when you are done for the day please let me know”. Mr Salvador said.

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“Message from His Royal Highness King Triton”. A merman, a royal messager, announced as he made his appearance known before Luciana. He then bowed his head to Queen Luciana who then bow her head.

“Yes, what can I do for you?” Queen Luciana asked the royal messager.

“The king of all Mer folk told me to tell you that you should remember your promise you made to him when he gave you his three evil Sirens, you are yet to fulfill it”.

“Tell King Triton that I haven’t forgotten my promise I made to him”. Queen Luciana told the royal messager.

“You had better not, he is getting impatient as the years passes by”.

“Tell him I still need more time and I will fulfill what I had promised him”.

“I shall deliver your message your highness”. The royal messager said and swam off.

Luciana became unease.

Queen Luciana clapped her hands twice and the three evil Sirens appeared before her.

“King Triton messager was here. He had came to remind me of my promise”.

“Do not be afraid Luciana. Once Jencita has bundled down the human female of your twin sister child here. Then her and that of Jencita blood would be use together with Lucy for you to have the Ultimate powers you have seek. The Ultimate powers would make you more stronger and powerful than King Triton, our former master”. The most senior of them all boasted as Luciana regained back her confident once more.


“Siren you have been daydreaming again about him, right?” Davies asked Siren.

He had gone to her house and Evenly was so glad when she saw him and informed him where Siren was.

He had stood in front of Siren for almost five minutes and Siren didn’t noticed his presence until he decided to ask her.

“Who told you it was him I was thinking about? I might be thinking about work”. Siren said still smiling.

“I know you more than you do Siren. Any way I was bored at home and decided to visit my friend only to see she is daydreaming about a guy”.

“You are jealous Davies”. Siren said playfully.

Davies laughed out

“I jealous of you when I already have a woman of my dream”.

“Speaking of that, I would want to try that new boutique”.

“What new Boutique?”

“The one that the strange beautiful girl looks like your portrait”. Siren said cheerfully.


“You’ve been avoiding me this last few days Sirene, was it because of what I told you?”

“No Joel. I have been thinking a lot lately”. Sirene said as Joel sat down beside her.

“So can you tell me what has been in your thoughts?”

“Do you know Davies and that lady that followed him on that day?” Sirene suddenly asked.

Looking confused but answer nevertheless

“Yes, they are my friends. We’ve known each other close to 6 years now. Mr Salvador was the one who introduced them to me when we and PaSiren company was doing a combined business. Ever since that day we’ve remained closed friends”. Joel stares at Sirene for a little while. “Why are you asking” Joel added.

“Nothing, just wanna know something”. Was Sirene answer.


“You are so much in love with that lady Daniel, I can see it in your eyes”. Juliet said.

“Yes aunty, I really love Siren”.

“Did you know the last time she came into this forsaken place was the day I told her Tracie was your girlfriend. I kept on repeating her look of surprise and shock written on her face. It was really funny son”. Juliet said as she laughed out to her own joke

“You told her that Tracie was my girlfriend?” Daniel asked to be sure of what he heard.

“Yes, I did and she believed me wholeheartedly”.

“How can you tell Siren that my own sister is my girlfriend? Do you know what thoughts she would be having about me now?”

“You shouldn’t think much on that son, even if Siren agrees to marry you at last, do you think your family especially your mother would accept Paa child to be her daughter in law? Or you think if Paa knows your mother name he would agree on your relationship with his daughter?” Juliet asked out of blue.

“What does that suppose to mean aunty?”.

“Well you see, 50 years ago. Paa and your mother were engaged but your great grand father wouldn’t accept them simply because Paa was from a poor family. His family were working as our servants, then something happened which made Paa and your mother vowed never to crossed each other paths again. And they swore never to associate in their future”. Juliet explained.

“But what made them to hate each other that much”.

“You can ask your mother Daniel”.


“Jencita is Pola treating you over there with care?” Queen Luciana asked Jencita as they communicated through a crystal ball.

“Yes, she is”. Jencita replied nonchalantly.

“Good. Any sigh yet?”

“No but I have got this feeling that something bad wants to happen”. Jencita said.

“Just keep on being vigilant, nothing will happen. Those feelings are telling you that Lucy’s daughter would come”.

“I hope so too mother. So how is Oceania?”


Old paa searched all over his room but couldn’t find what he was looking for.

Where had he kept that Shell?

He felt it was time to let Siren know of her true Heritage but he can’t do it without the shell. The prove.

A voice keep telling him a war is coming and Siren needs to know who she was.

To Be Continued…

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