RAPTURE 5- Dinmma franciz

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When the time came to be bold, the fear of the past kept on me like early morning nausea,  tried to control the emotions that ran through my veins like blood through arteries, when I stepped into the house that was supposed to be one of my inheritance from Dad …God bless his soul, you could feel wealth all over him smiling and moving his hands for me to come forward …hmmm I hope I do not end up ruining our plans cause at that moment all I felt was cutting off his hands and choking him till he confesses all. I stared round a bit to find out that not a single picture but his and a strange face graced the wall, then Leonard was right after all mum had already began paying for her mistakes.

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He smiled at me ordering the ushers to come attend to me but I waved them away and ordered for tea YES that was also part of the plan , he began with his authoritative approach “So my boy Leonard has introduced all to you, he tells me you are what I am looking for and it took great effort  bringing you Into this country Mr Brown” I smiled  dryly nodding my head and giving  him the stare to continue “He says you have served the prominent of societies only not in this country but you can make me stand out” I smiled again as he waved the usher who brought me fruit coffee , guess he was expecting me to speak immediately but I didn’t instead I stared round again acting all porch just as I was told that I must do “A lovely home you have sir but you could do with a little bit of interior that wouldn’t cost you know, a man of your caliber is Expected to have a place of comfort not just for himself but for all” I said finally staring at the shock in his face , he nodded and explained to me that my contract starts immediately as his personal assistant and I am free to make any recommendation if I want to , the last shocked me you know “you would be moving in with us Mr Brown so I can keep a close eye on you cause I do not trust easily , and if I find you guilty Leonard should explain better” He stood up and took my hand for a handshake, smiling he left . I could have sworn I remember that wicked face, the face that I saw committing the worst atrocity on my family , Nanny came over to show me to my room and as I watched her expression I knew she was so relieved at the same time scared for me.

The effort I put into studying I wasn’t sure I had done that in my entire life From history to entertainment, business And finally  linguistic, I studied all fast and with endless effort. I had to make this work anyway I could, Leonard told me there was a lot to sacrifice for this so if this is some of it I am ready to take it all and more just to make that bastard pay for everything.  The harsh words that came in from Outside the house  provoked me , I stood up and walked out like I was just patrolling the premises and saw him arguing with a lady, the bizarre thing behind it all is that she was on a wheel chair and he was still pushing her uncomfortably,  I would have ignored and went back to my room if not he already saw me  “oh Mr Brown please come I haven’t introduced to you my lovely wife Mrs Douglas the apple of my eyes” As he spoke my temper ran high cause I knew who sat on that chair and had a hint of what was going on feeling no pity for her, he drew me close and pointed at a pale elderly woman who looked so old nevertheless I knew who she was , I recognized every pain from day one nothing has changed except from the wheelchair and the wrinkles “So this is your new PA I guess, another one who would put I and my children to our final misery right” She spoke with so much pain as she wouldn’t look properly at my face, not that she would recognize me but still deep inside something just wanted her to hug me or me her. The Old fool confided in me how much money her life worth “if anything happens to her the court will give everything to Leonard since her first son was dead and gone” I smiled watching him speak knowing that every word was poison, the court assured him that it will take another two years before all can be willed to him, how does this even happen? All my father ever worked for will be lawfully his….i smiled and this time the spirit of determination in me knew no bounds, with the way things were going he could hurt my mother and my siblings, well I might hate her for what she did but certainly didn’t want her dead and if am to protect my family in my way I had to win this bastard’s trust “So if she is a pin in your ass why don’t you move her to the back quarters there you could do whatever pleases you especially have your  quiet time with your mistress, As I ended my suggestions he was marveled and hugged me …I saw joy in his eyes, he was about complaining of how the press and law could disinherit  him but I assured him I would take care of it…..And of Course i will

To be continued


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